I’m a stay-at-home mom who works as a freelance digital marketer. My name is Carrie White. Yes, that’s my real name. Not a lot of people recognize that name. Well, I guess not a lot of them were born in the 70s or they simply just don’t like watching films. Just to give you an idea, Carrie White is a fictional character from the Stephen King movie, Carrie. It’s about a girl that got bullied really bad in school and she’s got a very religious fanatic mom. I’m not gonna spoil it for anyone who’s reading this. Just watch it. There are already 2 versions, one is the original from 1976, and the remake is from 2013.

So, like what I’m saying, I’m a work-from-home mom. Which I like. Cause I get to spend a lot of time with my kids and still keep my career. My husband also works from home so it makes it easier for us as a family to have more quality time. I created this blog because I think there is still a need for more informational blogs about business ads and digital marketing. And so I’m here to help out. I hope I can make this blog a place for people in the business or finance field to find answers to their questions.